Muscle Building Training

At Arzadon Fitness we are about results, not excuses. For those of you who are prepared to work hard and follow our advice then incredible muscle building results can be yours. We ask you questions, assessing your health and lifestyle, to create a customized muscle building plan that will work for you. This approach has led our male clients to achieve incredible and sustainable results.

There is never any guesswork involved when it comes to creating your bespoke muscle building plan. If you’re willing to work hard and follow our advice, then Arzadon Fitness is the place for you. We train you smart but we also train you hard!

Our Approach

Diet & Nutrition

Similar to fat loss, nutrition plays a very important role when it comes to muscle building. At Arzadon Fitness, we want to provide you with the tools to make better decisions when fueling your body. We focus on improving your relationship with food by creating an adaptive nutrition plan that works best for your body type! Our diet plans offer a flexible, feasible approach — we educate first and make eating healthy convenient enough to fit into your busy lifestyle. Your diet plan is built off your 90-minute assessment and questionnaire, which asks all the relevant questions for creating a successful customized plan.

Once this plan is in place, we monitor your progression using one of our many assessment tools to evaluate your response to your diet plan. We also collect constant feedback from you, making small changes to the plan as needed along the way.


We take a very holistic approach to our clients’ health & wellness. In fact, over the years we’ve found that clients benefit from the extra support supplements can provide. With that in mind, we use tools such as the biosignature modulation assessment and blood testing to inform whether any issues or deficiencies — ones that are not easily corrected with nutrition — are present. Then we can determine a suitable supplementation plan for you.

Custom Workouts

Based on your full consultation, we gather all the information we need to create a 12-week Muscle Building workout plan for you. Your workouts are designed to be fun and intense but never intimidating. We also address any structural/muscular imbalances and weaknesses when designing your workout plan to get you bigger and stronger.

Unlike other gyms, we value data because it provides us the feedback we need in order to understand and assess your overall response to our training methods. If you’re looking for a personal trainer whose focus is to create fun and random workouts for you, this isn’t the place to look. We get results because we always have a plan and leave nothing to chance.

Muscle Building Results

Scott B

Weeks: 12 Age: 30s

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  • Vegetarian
  • Trained at four sessions per week with Arzadon Fitness
  • Gained 17lbs. of solid muscle mass



Weeks: 12 Age: 30s

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  • Trained at least three sessions per week with Arzadon Fitness
  • Gained 13lbs of Muscle
  • Dropped 5% total body fat



Weeks: 12 Age: 20s

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  • Trained at least four sessions per week with Arzadon Fitness
  • Law Student
  • Gained 8lbs of muscle mass


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Weeks: 12 Age: 20s

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  • Alexandra wanted to get strong and gain muscle
  • Trained at least four sessions per week with Arzadon Fitness
  • Gained 10lbs of Muscle
  • Dropped 4% Body Fat
  • Deadlifted her bodyweight for reps less than 12 weeks
  • Increased her squat by 85lbs!



Weeks: 12 Age: 40s

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  • Jennifer couldn’t do 1 pull-up before joining Arzadon Fitness
  • In 12 weeks, she was able to go from 1 pull-up to 12 full-range pull-ups!



Weeks: 12 Age: 30s

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  • Trained at least 3 times a week with Arzadon Fitness
  • Gained 15lbs of Muscle Mass
  • Dropped 9% bodyfat


Muscle Building Case Study

Vlad – Tech Entrepreneur Gains 10 lbs. of Muscle in 12 Weeks

Already advanced with his fitness, Vlad had no trouble managing workouts or understanding proper exercise techniques. But where he struggled was in adding muscle mass and he came to Arzadon Fitness looking to find a solution.

It turned out that the issue with Vlad was his entrepreneur lifestyle. He had lots of international business to tend to, which required him to stay up late at night for long distance phone calls and meetings. He was also always on the go and not always able to consume three meals in a day.

Using some of the principles taught to him at Arzadon Fitness, Vlad was able to inject some structure into his eating and sleep habits. That made his routine and busy lifestyle much more stable. It also allowed Vlad to focus on his strength training and he was able to add over 10 lbs. of muscle in 12 weeks!


  • Trained three times per week with Arzadon Fitness
  • Experienced trouble gaining muscle
  • Improved his sleep and eating habits
  • Gained a solid 10 lbs. of muscle in 12 weeks

What You Can Expect

Our trainers come to Arzadon Fitness because they want to set the new standard for personal training in downtown Toronto. We don’t look at ourselves as trainers but as your trusted advisors and will do anything to ensure you get incredible results. Each of us becomes personally invested in your results, so much so that sometimes we want the results more than you! Our job is to maximize your results as quickly as possible by providing you with the highest quality personal training experience.