Hybrid Coaching

Stop the Guesswork and Start Getting Affordable Expert Personal Training

Our full-service hybrid coaching package combines the best elements of personal training and group classes. You can now walk into a gym and know exactly what to do.

The membership includes customized workouts, nutritional advice, program oversight and, of course, coaching with every training session to prevent improper training techniques. This allows each member to safely and smartly engage the right muscles and ensure optimal results arrive.

There’s no intimidation at Arzadon Fitness, just great people, a fun motivating environment and a fully customized experience. That’s everything you need with zero fluff.

The Arzadon Advantage


Access is exclusive and only offered with limited spots available for the program.


Every three to four weeks you will receive an updated exercise and diet plan based on the progress you’ve made.


Receive first-class coaching with an Arzadon Fitness trainer being available at every session.


Experience a premier community of like-minded and motivated individuals invested in challenging and supporting one another. This is a very important part of what Arzadon Fitness stands for.


If you know our philosophies, we are all about your numbers. We track every single workout session and check up with you monthly to ensure you’re staying on track with your fitness goals. We take your results personally.

Case Study

Alexandra – Dropping Baby Weight within 12 Weeks Twice in 3 Years!

Alexandra, 31, directs one of the fastest growing wealth management portfolios at Richardson GMP. She has received many awards and recognitions for her work, including being ranked the Top Female Investment Advisor by Wealth Professional in 2017. Professionally, she can crush it on her own. Personally though, she was experiencing some back pain and approached Arzadon Fitness after struggling to shed the post-natal weight a few months after her first baby.

In 12 weeks, Alexandra lost over 30 lbs. and achieved a body that was leaner, stronger and pain free. Eighteen months later, Alexandra was pregnant with her second child. This time she trained with Arzadon Fitness throughout her pregnancy with a focus on strengthening her pelvic floor and maintaining her strength and endurance. Five weeks after delivering her second child, Alexandra was back in the gym and focused on losing the baby weight. However, this being her second stint post-pregnancy, it was understood that her weight loss progression would be slower compared to her first pregnancy. We accounted for the hormonal changes and challenges that can occur following pregnancy and executed the necessary nutritional and supplemental strategies to overcome them. We also made changes to our approach with her strength training program compared to her first pregnancy.

In 12 weeks, we managed to achieve another body transformation for a client who knows all about good investments.


  • Trained at least twice per week with Arzadon Fitness
  • Lost 30 lbs. in 12 weeks after her first pregnancy
  • Resolved her back pain at post-pregnancy
  • Trained throughout her whole second pregnancy
  • Achieved two body transformations after two pregnancies in a span of three years