Hybrid Transformation Coaching

Greater Expertise Means Greater Results

You’re here because you’ve worked with a trainer before. You already sort of know your way around a gym. You’ve taken the first steps in your fitness journey — but now you want to take things even further.

With our hybrid transformation programs, you can do exactly that.

Group Fitness Without the Group

Starting with a 30 or 90-minute consultation, Arzadon’s hybrid transformation program features customized workouts, nutritional guidance, and oversight. More importantly, every single session is personally overseen by founder Jay Arzadon, who offers additional guidance, coaching, and expertise.

Guidance. Insight. Results.

As with our other programs, Arzadon’s hybrid transformation is focused on one thing above all else — getting you where you want to be. From passionate, results-driven trainers to a friendly, motivating environment, we’ve pulled out all the stops to help you push yourself forward. That includes:

Data-driven training and nutrition:

Between your consultation and our advanced training software, our trainers leverage countless data points and metrics to ensure you stay focused and on-track with your goals.

Built-in Accountability:

From leaderboards to regular monthly check-ins, we ensure our clients stay accountable and fully dedicated to their health.

Full Transparency:

With Arzadon, what you see is what you get. Everything about our hybrid coaching program is transparent and easy to understand. You won’t find any fluff here, only fitness.

Fitness Advice When You Need It:

Your trainer is fully focused on helping you reach your goals, and will stay with you through every step of your fitness journey. Whether you have questions, concerns, or ideas, you can reach out anytime.

How Does Hybrid Coaching Work?

Hybrid coaching empowers you to continue your fitness journey, providing you with the support and flexibility you need to reach your goals.

With hybrid coaching, you set your schedule, the frequency of your in-facility training sessions, and engage with the Arzadon Fitness team on your terms.

This program is perfect for clients who have learned the basics of fitness and just want to keep in touch with their personal trainer to stay accountable, measure progress, and make adjustments.

Our most popular hybrid coaching membership starts at $377/month.
Stay Connected With Your Trainer:

Receive ongoing advice and book supervised training sessions with the Arzadon Fitness team.

Monthly Check-Ins:

Take part in monthly progress updates to monitor progress, set goals, and keep your fitness journey on track.

Fitness According to Your Schedule:

Reduce strain on your busy schedule with a blended model that enables both at-home and in-house workouts.

Be Part of the Arzadon Community:

With hybrid coaching, you get to stay part of the Arzadon Fitness community.

Hybrid Coaching Results


Weeks: 20 Age: 30s

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  • Trained at least 3 times a week with Arzadon Fitness
  • Lost 20lbs
  • Squatted 1.5 his bodyweight



Weeks: 12 Age: 20s

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  • Trained at least twice per week with Arzadon Fitness
  • Trained twice per week on her own
  • Was consistent with her workouts while travelling
  • Lost 26 lbs.
  • Dropped a total of 8% body fat


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Case Study

Alexandra – Dropping Baby Weight within 12 Weeks Twice in 3 Years!

Alexandra, 31, directs one of the fastest growing wealth management portfolios at Richardson GMP. She has received many awards and recognitions for her work, including being ranked the Top Female Investment Advisor by Wealth Professional in 2017. Professionally, she can crush it on her own. Personally though, she was experiencing some back pain and approached Arzadon Fitness after struggling to shed the post-natal weight a few months after her first baby.

In 12 weeks, Alexandra lost over 30 lbs. and achieved a body that was leaner, stronger and pain free. Eighteen months later, Alexandra was pregnant with her second child. This time she trained with Arzadon Fitness throughout her pregnancy with a focus on strengthening her pelvic floor and maintaining her strength and endurance. Five weeks after delivering her second child, Alexandra was back in the gym and focused on losing the baby weight. However, this being her second stint post-pregnancy, it was understood that her weight loss progression would be slower compared to her first pregnancy. We accounted for the hormonal changes and challenges that can occur following pregnancy and executed the necessary nutritional and supplemental strategies to overcome them. We also made changes to our approach with her strength training program compared to her first pregnancy.

In 12 weeks, we managed to achieve another body transformation for a client who knows all about good investments.


  • Trained at least twice per week with Arzadon Fitness
  • Lost 30 lbs. in 12 weeks after her first pregnancy
  • Resolved her back pain at post-pregnancy
  • Trained throughout her whole second pregnancy
  • Achieved two body transformations after two pregnancies in a span of three years