The Arzadon Fitness Story

Arzadon Fitness offers holistic fitness solutions that focus on delivering a measurable return on investment through our relentless commitment to collaboration and accountability.

Starting your fitness journey with Arzadon Fitness means committing to a data-driven approach to fitness—one built around hard work, dedication, and transformational change—without judgement.

Our Values

Fitness Shouldn’t Be a Commodity

When it comes to large gym franchises, it’s easy to feel like just another number on the board. From one-size-fits-all fitness plans to impersonal service, it’s hard to find a personal trainer that’s all-in on your fitness goals.

We’re working to change that by creating personalized fitness programs that are designed around your needs, your body, and your outcomes. When you work with Arzadon, you aren’t just a sales lead — you’re a priority.

Work With Only the Best

High performers come to Arzadon Fitness because they want passion and commitment.

You need to be willing to push yourself to your limit and beyond.

Plenty of trainers are afraid to tell their clients no. They’re scared to lose that sales lead, fearful of missing out on revenue. That isn’t us.

Partnering with Arzadon Fitness means you have the desire, dedication, and willpower to achieve your fitness goals.

Time is Not Money

Because our trainers are compensated based on results rather than time spent, Arzadon isn’t interested in nickel-and-diming its clientele. Training with us is a collaborative pursuit. We believe in working with our clients, fitting into their busy schedules.

Training with us isn’t easy. We are intense, but not intimidating. We believe in getting results — in working hard to reach your goals as quickly as possible through tailored programs and advanced analytics.

No Judgement Zone

The journey you take to achieve your fitness goals is unique to you. Arzadon Fitness offers an inclusive, judgement-free fitness studio that’s community-driven and results-focused.

Your trainer is there for one reason, and one reason only: to help you achieve your goals according to the customized fitness plan you develop together.

Our Method

Step 1

Free Consultation

Let’s discuss what your goals are and make sure the right attitude is in place to achieve them.

No Commitment

Step 2

Health Assessment

A 90-minute health assessment, measuring various aspects of your body, inspires a customized plan that will get you on the proper path to improved health and fitness.

Unlock Your Potential

Step 3

Train Hard, Train Smart

Follow the unique training program created specifically with your objectives and limitations in mind.

Be Fully Invested

Our Expert Staff

Jay Arzadon

Head Coach and Founder

Johnny Francisco


Cory Thatcher


Kenny Ratatsidis


Ethan Lee

Registered Massage Therapist

Jennifer Arzadon

Client Relations & Director of Operations

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