Accountability Coaching

New-School Personal Training with Old-School Results

Our modern accountability coaching package combines the best elements of personal training and online instruction. Receive expert Arzadon Fitness coaching no matter where you are. Accountability Coaching includes monthly 90-minute appointments with an Arzadon Fitness coach along with customized workout and nutrition plans. Our coaches are available for tons of support, ensuring that you know exactly what to do and exactly how to do it.

This program is great for anyone who has a solid foundation of experience in the gym but needs that extra guidance and accountability to reach the next level. It’s also a great way to transition away from one-on-one personal training.

Case Study

Jennifer Lee – PT Client That Transitioned to Accountability Coaching

Jennifer first came to Arzadon Fitness for our outdoor conditioning classes. She became a personal training client after a few classes because she immediately noticed our attention to detail on exercise form and overall class program structure.

Jennifer signed up for a 12-week personal training package and managed to take her body fat from 20% down to 13.5%. Jennifer then continued training with Coach Jay using Arzadon Fitness’ accountability coaching service. Due to her education from the 12 weeks of personal training, Jennifer managed to build a solid foundation in her knowledge of strength training. In four months, she was able to increase her results by dropping an additional 4% body fat by following Coach Jay’s online accountability coaching program. She is still an accountability coaching client and has been involved in the program for more than two years now.


  • Trained once per month with Arzadon Fitness
  • Reduced her body fat from 20% to 9.5% in 26 weeks
  • Built a solid foundation in her knowledge of strength training